Thursday, March 22, 2012

My Gluten Free Journey Begins

My first gluten free story blog post from my other blog...

I'm working on eating gluten free and I've never been a medical doctor that is.  I am on a journey to know if gluten is for me or against me.  The gluten free diet is something that I am familiar with.  See I have a child, lets call him Sugarbear, who is allergic to wheat (among other things).  So since he was born seven years ago I have been learning to incorporate more and more wonderful foods and meals into our family that are gluten free.  He has several other food allergies that I will definitely share more about all I have learned about those in the blogs to come in the future.

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So why am I working on eating gluten free?  Well when Sugarbear was born he had a lot of eczema and itching and rashes.  I knew a little about allergies because our oldest, Knucklehead, has a peanut allergy.  I knew all the itching, rashes and eczema were not normal and probably related to allergies.  At this time, when Sugarbear was a baby, I had released all of my excess weight by eating when hungry and stopping when satisfied (not full or overstuffed, but satisfied and had enough).  After changing the kinds of food I was eating to not eat things he was allergic to since I was nursing him...I started gaining weight.  Now there were many other things going on in my heart and life at that time, which I think I attributed to the weight gain, but I still held onto the fact I knew to release all of my weight and be healthy I needed to eat only when I was hungry and stop when satisfied, the way my body was created to be fed.  For some reason I would talk about that to people and share a lot about eating when hungry and stopping when satisfied, and it not necessarily being about what you eat, when releasing weight.  But I knew I was not doing that.  I kept eating and disregarding my hunger signals for several years.  I was not living out what I was saying or what I believed.  


Fast forward a few years Princess came into the picture.  I was pregnant again and starting that pregnancy was at my highest weight ever other than when I had been pregnant in the past.  After having her I released all of my weight once again eating only when I was hungry (when my stomach growled, which is what my body does when I am truly hungry) and stopping when I was satisfied.  It was Truth that had set me free, helped me release all of this weight.  I was healthy, God had shown me how to eat when I was hungry the way He created me.  So then guess what?  I started gaining weight again.  In two years I got to the next highest weight I had ever been while not being pregnant.  Highest weight ever!  Not only though had I started eating outside of my boundaries, but I also started questioning what foods my body needed to be healthiest and started praying about it.  What is going on here, I thought, questioning so very many things?!

To be continued...

More later...Love to you!
Kim :)

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