Monday, June 11, 2012

I was glutened!

Glutened is a term I've heard people mention when they are eating gluten free and they have accidentally eaten gluten.  I am now going to use it because 3 times it has happened to me since going gluten free first week of March.

It is a horrible stomach pain, undescribable and not like anything I've felt before, and it lasts 24 hours at the worst and then takes days to feel all the way better.  It also leads to trips to the bathroom and I have vomitted, along with major bloating and gas.  It is the worse feeling and I do not wish it on anyone.

I think the worst thing is that sometimes it is hard to determine what it is that caused it.  I believe the first time it was eating taco seasoning and taco shells, Old El Paso brand, which I read after the fact on their website that it is not in the "gluten free" list of their food items, ouch!  Then the second time I feel it was a Wal-Mart rotisserie chicken--which I have had a few times I believe, but this time I feel was the problem.  The third time was more minor and happened this past weekend.  I ate a gluten free meal from Cedarline-which I purchased at Publix, and it happened starting about an hour after eating that and continued all weekend.

Have any of you been "glutened" and if so what do you think was the cause of it? 

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