Sunday, June 3, 2012


I have found some products from Udi's that are so so so good that I have to share them.  I went free first of March as a lifestyle change, as I have really seen that it is not beneficial for my body, at least from the knowledge that I have so far and how I feel when I introduce it back to my body, it's not for me anymore.  Since going gluten free a few things I missed out on were Pizza and bread-bread mostly to make a sandwich with.  Well no longer do I miss those things!

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I first found Udi's pizza crust in the frozen food department at a local heatlh food store.  I made myself a hawaiin pizza with it, adding bbq sauce, cheese, pineapple and ham.  It was so good and it did not taste like most gluten free bread type things (i.e. cardboard), it tasted very good and also had a good crisp to it!  Then I went looking for that at our Publix grocery store I found a 3-cheese Udi's certified organic pizza in the frozen food, but no pizza crust.  So I got it.  I LIKE.  So glad I found it!  

Then this past week I was walking in Publix by the frozen food and happened to see Udi's white sandwich bread!  I said ok, I will try it.  I also had gotten some Lloyd's BBQ chicken.  That week I ate a lot of open-faced bbq chicken sandwiches on that Udi's bread.  YUM!  That was actually better than the pizza crust or pizza.  

Anyways, maybe that will help someone looking for some Udi's products.  You can search on their site where they sell products in your area.  

More later...Love to you!
Kim :)

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